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Friday, September 19, 2014

Happy Friday!

I am so happy that it's Friday.  The weekend forecast looks beautiful, and I'm excited to get myself organized and back into the swing of things.  During the week, chores and neatness kind of fall to the wayside, as I always feel like I'm rushing around from place to place.  My weekends are the time for me to feel accomplished and get everything on track.

1 // I know I'm an adult, but I love that I get to use these markers on pretty much a daily basis.  And let's be real, I try to take surreptitious whiffs when the kids aren't looking - they smell so good!

2 // Last weekend was a Friends watching, apple cider drinking kind of time and it was delightful!

3 // I've been to Brio happy hour twice in the last seven days - once with a group of teacher friends, and then again yesterday to meet up with a friend from high school who's getting married in January.  She brought my bridesmaid's dress (ordered from Nordstrom) and it's gorgeous!

4 // This dog.  I can't get enough of her!  She's 12 years old (which is ancient for the breed) and has been having some heart troubles.  She took it easy this week for some testing, and all of her resting just HAD to be with her favorite toys!

5 // My family has a strong relationship with a drug and alcohol rehab facility down in Maryland, so we're going down there on Sunday for their annual fair.  I really enjoy interacting with the patients, and we always bring Philly soft pretzels and water ice, so it'll be a good time!

Happy weekend!

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Classroom Tour 2.0

Oh classroom, my classroom, how I love thee.  

That's a REALLY good thing, seeing as I practically spend the same amount of time at school than I do at home (at least in terms of waking hours...)

Anyway, I gave a tour of my room last year, but if you know anything about teachers, things are constantly changing and evolving.  I kept many of the same procedures, but am also piloting some brand new ideas this year just to see how they go.

So without further is Room 126!

This is the view from the desk, which is in the back corner of the classroom.  I love that I can sit back here with the kids are doing independent work and still have a great view of everything they're up to.  

 I also love the color scheme of the room that has evolved - bold, bright colors (which balance out the fact that I own a LOT of black & white clothing!)

The carpet area is directly in front of my desk.  This is where we have Morning Meeting every day and also where we go to read books aloud and have discussions.  I love the carpet and my fabulous rocking chair!

So this bulletin board is new this year.  We got rid of our behavior incentives, so I decided to reflect the Common Core and also help the students keep tabs on their own learning.  I write daily objectives so that they can reflect on the day's activities (and also avoid asking me every 5 seconds what we're doing in each subject because that gets old REAL fast)

The front of the room.  The students move their "bee" when they come in to indicate their lunch choice, plus it helps me take attendance.  I am in LOVE with my ActivBoard, too!

Facing the door, you can see that I have those unbelievable cabinets/closets around the perimeter of that entire corner.  The storage is UNBELIEVABLE!

I also added those bins that you see to the right.  We use a lot of binders in 4th grade and the students have a hard time storing them in their desks.  Now they have a place to for them to go, and the colored caddies hold necessary supplies like rulers, scissors, glue sticks, etc.

This is the view of my desk from the carpet area.  The walls are blank now, but will be covered with some posters once we finish creating our classroom rules as part of our first social studies unit.

Not pictured: the back wall, where the cabinets/closets are!

So far the year has been good.  I have 20 students (4 more than last year) and a few of them have some more serious issues which we have been handling just fine.  I think it's going to be a good year!

Monday, September 15, 2014

The Weekend of Friends

You know those weekends where you just laze around all day and feel absolutely awful about yourself on Sunday evening because very little was actually accomplished?

This wasn't one of those weekends.  Come Sunday night, I was pleased at how the weekend shaped up.  I could describe the whole thing in one picture:

I always manage to get a cold during the first couple weeks of school, and this year was no exception.  I guess it's the combination of being re-introduced to my classroom environment (aka a petri dish of germs) and first day nerves/anxiety (read: major lack of sleep) but it seems to be a literal occupational hazard.  

So this weekend?  I drank lots of warm apple cider and binge watched Friends on Saturday - from Ross' first date with Emily all the way through his divorce.  

And then I did the same on Sunday, minus church in the morning and ballet in the evening.  

The photo above is the only one that was taken, I hardly changed out of my PJ's, and they were both fabulous decisions.

Everyone needs a weekend like that once in awhile, right?