Friday, April 18, 2014

Spring Break, Baby!

To say that I'm excited for the weekend today is a total understatement.  It's spring break!  Yeah, yeah, we only get today through Tuesday off (dumb snow days) but at least it's something right?  I for one am very burnt out and I can tell my students are desperate for a break, too.  Hopefully these days off will be delightful.

Aaaaaand the highlights of my week will begin now:

1 // Obviously stated above, but SPRING BREAK!!!

2 // We are going to my in-laws for a few days to celebrate Easter.  Walker and I can't wait!

3 // First Sonic milkshake experience was phenomenal.  Here's to hoping we can stop every time we take a hike!

4 // There may or may not have been a situation where my husband wore my dress pants by accident.  Still reeling from that one, let me tell you.

5 // And finally, here's a silly kid moment from my week.  My students have morning work when they first arrive to school and I pull it from a whole book dedicated to getting children to follow directions.  This task in particular asked the students to look at a map of the US and find two states to compare and contrast (based on the MAP)

Texas and Arizona are both near the equator so they are really hot places.  Texas and Arizona also both have at least one cactus.  [I didn't realize maps now measured cactus distribution]

Have a fabulous weekend and a happy, happy Easter!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

By the Time I _______, Blogging Won't Be A "Thing" Anymore

Sometimes I wonder about this whole blogging thing that I hold so dear to my heart.  

My two year "blogiversary" came and went last week, and it got me thinking about the crazy, yet incredible things that this space on the Internet has done for me.  I mean, I'm snapchat friends with two of my favorites.  I have plans to meet the best Jersey blogger around.  This girl helped me choose my honeymoon destination.  This community is outrageous in the best possible way!  

But it got me thinking.  When will all of these shenanigans end?  What new trend will sweep in and obliterate the blogosphere?  Will some big event happen causing our love for this lifestyle to shatter?  Will people slowly begin to fizzle out and stop blogging bit by bit?  At what point will this awesome pastime that I love so much cease to exist?

It'll probably be before...

+ I have children.  Gosh, I get so jealous of all of the cute mommas-to-be with their belly bump pictures and their adorable little chalkboards.  I'm not ready for a baby, but man do I have the urge to post weekly "bumpdates"!

+ Pollinate Media decides to pay me money to advertise things like toilet paper and diet soda.

+ My husband decides that maybe it would be a good idea to read my posts.

+ I get a chance to figure out how to use Walker's DLSR camera for blog-related things.

+ I ever take an outfit picture.  Oh how I'm tempted to try it out...but I just don't even know where I would begin to figure out how to pose and all that jazz.

Maybe I should make a blogging bucket list and swear not to stop until all the above things are accomplished.  Hmmm...

Is there anything YOU feel like you're missing out on in the blogging world?

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Alteration Revelation

A few nights ago, it was H-O-T (like 82 degrees or something) and I was too cheap to turn on the air conditioning in our apartment.  We live on the second floor, so we don't usually get too much of a breeze, and in between the streetlight glaring through the cracks in the blinds (not totally shut in desperate attempt of increased airflow) and the sound of traffic from the highway outside our building, I was wide awake in the middle of the night.  Walker was likewise and was clearly miserable, judging by the amount of times he flopped around and switched positions every two minutes.

I found myself getting annoyed at all of this (I do NOT sleep well with others) and began to resent the fact that I have to share my bed with another human being (#twinbedsforever?)  

Then I remembered where I was a year ago...

All of a sudden, my frustrations turned to joy.  I remember the excitement and anticipation of wedding planning like it was yesterday.  I remember taking those pictures and realizing that I now had to keep my phone on lockdown so that no one would see them.  I remember feverishly counting down the days until I could finally wake up next to Walker.  

Thank you God for my sweet husband.  May I truly realize how much of a gift he is (even when he flops).

And in the spirit of good wifeliness, I went and turned on the AC.  Pre-wedding Kate wouldn't have been so uptight about those types of things, so I'm not going to be that way either.