Thursday, April 24, 2014

Jersey Girl vs. Trucker Man

I'll be 100% honest.  Some days, I really wish I had one of these.

Most of the time, I am able to fight the sassy New-Jersey-driver road rage that bubbles up inside of me, but occasionally, I just can't resist the urge!

You see, awhile back, I was living in college-owned apartments with teeny parking spots.

What you can't see is the whole row of spaces to the right, which are itty bitty slanted spots.  There aren't nearly enough for the 100+ people living in the three buildings pictured here, so parking in the lot is actually quite a competition during certain times of the day.

In mid-April, my car was hit in this parking lot by one of my reckless neighbors.  Whoever did it cracked my tail light and left a medium sized scrape on my back bumper.

I wasn't too pleased, because the person didn't leave a note, but life went on.


About a week later, I noticed a large truck parked in the smallest parking space the lot had to offer.  It was sticking its butt out so far that my car (a small Honda Civic) was barely able to squeeze by unscathed.  So what did I do?  Took actions into my own hands, of course.

I found an old receipt and a pen in my car and left them a nice little note.

"Your truck should not be parked here.  It's like ASKING for an accident!"

Mission accomplished.  Right?

Literally two days later, it happened again.  This time, there was no way I was letting the idiotic trucker dude get away with it.

This time, I used a full-sized sheet of notebook paper.

And I marched right up to that truck. . .

To give him a piece of my mind.

And you know what?  He didn't park in that spot anymore!

Jersey Girl: 1
Trucker Man: 0

How do you handle jerky behavior?

PS - Please forgive my messy appearance in these photos.  It was a "sweatshirt and yoga pants" kind of day.  I then proceeded to go into my apartment and cook a delicious pasta dish - check it out here!

**Originally posted April 2012.  Sometimes I feel like I wrote great posts for all of 13 I should repost them all for you, my more recent bloggy friends.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

5 Life Lessons I Haven't Quite Mastered Yet...

Time and time again, I find myself falling into the same old traps, believing the same old lies.  Here are a few that I believe on the regular.

1 // I don't need to look nice to go grocery shopping.  Who actually cares if I'm in grungy sweats like a hot mess? [Note to Self: If you enter that store looking gross, you WILL see students.  Always.]

2 // Only 120 calories in a half cup serving of ice cream?  What a great, low-calorie snack! [It would be low-cal if it were actually humanly possible to limit myself to 1/2 cup]

3 // Psh, I can leave school early today without making my copies for tomorrow.  I never get sick...what are the chances that I will be out tomorrow? [Aaaaand after dragging myself into work with a stomach bug solely because my math test wasn't copied, I will never leave school without my stuff done again!]

4 // It's okay that I don't have a blog post planned.  Something will come to me while I'm sleeping.  [Nope. It doesn't.]

5 // Oh, Snapchat wants to know if it should add this to my story?  Sure, let's do that! [Take it from someone who knows...anything you add to your story stays there for 24 hours]

What lies do you continue to tell yourself?

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Calling All Netflix Lovers

Happy Tuesday!  

Today's the last day of my spring I have every intention of (at least attempting) working on something productive.  But in the meantime, Walker and I signed up for our free month of Netflix the other day, and since we don't have a TV, are considering just paying the $8 a month to have all that great access to tons and tons of shows.
Here's where you come in.  What are your favorites?  We are looking for a new show to watch together and would love your input.  I also would love a few new (more girly) ones to binge on when he's not around :)

Leave any suggestions you have below in the comments!